Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nietzsche and the Adolph Hitler’s Nazis

Reflection Paper #8

Like many other dictators, Hitler did not start out as a servant of the devil, but as soon as he tasted the sweetness of power, his true nature came out.  As evidence from the movie, Hitler started out as a beloved son of his country Germany.  Hitler was an opportunistic leader who took advantage of the fall of the Weimer Republic to rise to power; this was a period when the German people really needed a leader who could restore pride to the German people, especially after the shameful defeat in the World War I.

When Adolph Hitler came into the scene, everyone was excited because they thought that he was that deliverer the country was so much in need of.  Being an ex-soldier, a hero, who fought in the WWI, Hitler immediately gained the support of a large number of the German People.  Instead of uniting the people, Hitler decided to take the path of division and destruction; the adopted and promoted Anti-Semitism, Anti-Communism.  Surprisingly, the majority of the German people praised him as a deliverer or Messiah; Hitler was praised and worshiped as though he was a God.

Thousands of soldiers praised Hitler obeyed his commands even though they knew that what he was doing was both illegal and inhumane.  Looking at the way Hitler was saluted and praised by his soldiers, one is left to wonder if those soldiers had any sense of pride.

From the video, we saw how manipulative Hitler was to the world and to the German people.  He promised to do so many things for the German people.  He promised them to bring pride and glory to the country; he promised them a future full of hope.  During this period, it was easy to manipulate people into believing anything.  Hitler was able to succeed because, the country was vulnerable and in need of a leader.  It is wise to say that Hitler knew what card to play to be able to succeed.  All he needed was convinced them that he was the right person who was able to bring change, have them trust him, work their mind out so they can start obeying him, and then rule them in any way he wanted.  Unfortunately for the German people, instead of giving them honey, Hitler gave them a thundering wave of destruction.

In Nietzsche’s view, Hitler represents change in value, changing the old values to create new values.  Hitler knew that the German people really wanted change, and when he came to power, he promised them change and new values.  But like they say, be aware of what you are really asking for.  The German people wanted very much to get rid of the old values, and Hitler was able to help them out, to help them brake away from the old traditions and replace them with new traditions, new values; he brought them terror and destruction.